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Working Paper 1: ASPI's 'Uyghurs for Sale' Report: Scholary Analysis or Strategic Disinformation?

Working paper 1: ASPI's 'Uyghurs for Sale' Report: Scholary Analysis or Strategic Disinformation?

CO-WEST-PRO's first working paper by Jaq James examines claims made by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) that the Chinese Government has orchestrated a forced Uyghur labour program across the provinces of China.

Jaq's findings will be unsettling for many readers, as she argues it is ASPI that has contributed to the violation of the Uyghurs' human rights, not the Chinese Government.

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Working Paper 2: Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch's Forced Xinjiang Labour Claims: Junk Research or Noble Cause Corruption?

Working paper 2: Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch's Forced Xinjiang Labour Claims: Junk Research or Noble Cause Corruption?

CO-WEST-PRO's second working paper by Jaq James examines claims made by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that the Chinese Government has orchestrated a forced labour program against its Muslim population in Xinjiang.

Jaq's findings may be unsettling for some readers, as she argues that the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports, at best, amount to junk research and, at worst, may be the result of noble cause corruption or even ignoble cause corruption.

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Working Paper 3: The Uyghur Tribunal: People's Justice or Show Trial?

The Uyghur Tribunal: People's Justice or Show Trial?

CO-WEST-PRO's third working paper by Jaq James takes a critical look at the Uyghur Tribunal and its finding of genocide. Jaq's third paper takes a different approach to her last two papers. Rather than answer the question as to whether the Uyghur Tribunal was a demonstration of people's justice or a mere show trial, Jaq instead provides readers with sets of criteria for legitimate and illegitimate people's tribunals so that readers can answer the posed question themselves if they wish to undertake their own research and reflections.

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Working Paper 4: The Assessment on Human Rights in Xinjiang by the UNOHCHR: A Critical Analysis

The Assessment on Human Rights in Xinjiang by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: A Critical Analysis

CO-WEST-PRO’s fourth and final paper by Jaq James critically analyses the most important document on the Xinjiang debate - the 2022 report by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Jaq’s paper is likely to be unsettling for individuals situated on either side of the debate. Those in the ‘pro-China’ crowd will welcome the significant criticisms of the OHCHR report, but will dislike the acknowledgment that the OHCHR got some issues right, while also disliking the criticisms aimed at the Chinese government for its inadequate response to the OHCHR report. The ‘anti-China’ crowd will shun the justified criticisms of the OHCHR report, and will also probably feel that the criticisms of the Chinese government’s response did not go far enough. There is no escaping the fact, however, that the OHCHR report is not a reliable report to make conclusive remarks that crimes against humanity had been committed in Xinjiang and, as such, the international community deserves a much higher professional standard from the OHCHR (as well as the Chinese government) when it comes to public commentary on Xinjiang.

If you appreciate the immense amount of work that Jaq puts into her papers, you can support Jaq through her fundraiser.

# Testimonials

“What a fantastic and scholarly read. I couldn't stop reading until I finished. I have some Uyghur friends here in China and they would be very encouraged by this report. They tell me about the lies that have been spread about them and their families and the Chinese government.”

“Wow. Jaq. That is one of the highest quality pieces of investigative journalism I have ever seen. Totally eviscerated the ASPI fabrication. Amazing."

“This comprehensive demolition of the ASPI report shows conclusively that the allegations lacked any credible evidence, were academically illiterate and devoid of sound legal basis. It was clearly a work of propaganda and if anything abused Uyghurs' rights."

“Jaq, just spent two hours to read the report. It's a masterpiece of investigative reporting! Thanks so much. You are doing a great service to the public."

“Finally someone from Australia who is qualified to write about this topic with scholarly analysis. I like her conclusion: ‘ASPI lobbed eighteen specific accusations relating to forced labour at China, and, as this paper shows, not one of them survives close scrutiny. It is submitted that this is because the ASPI report was not a work of scholarly analysis, but rather a piece of strategic disinformation to exact harm. What ASPI has done should be a scandal that grabs the world’s attention to the same degree as when Ms Xu captured the world’s attention with her hero’s-journey-tale.’ Salute you for your courage Ms James!"

“Reading this report has confirmed there is a lot more to the stories of ASPI's anti-China narrative than we are being led to believe. This report needs a much wider circulation as it masterfully weaves through hearsay and misinformation with solid facts and a legally enforceable commentary.”

“I’m in awe of Jaq James. She made deconstructing the propaganda networks look easy, when in fact it’s diabolically difficult, both to execute and to communicate in simple terms.”

“The author of this report is eminently qualified, with both legal expertise and extensive experience in China. It's about time geopolitical decisions were based on analysis of such a high standard, rather than the WMD-style hype in which ASPI specialises.”

“An academically and legally well-founded report which clearly shows ASPI's information was never thoroughly researched nor confirmed. The ‘forced labour’ narrative is falling apart. This is beyond doubt.”

“Thanks Jaq for your excellent work. Keep it up. Future historians looking back at this Third Red Scare will no doubt note ASPI’s role in inciting fear and hatred. There is a good chance future historians will cite the importance of your work in debunking ASPI’s claims. ASPI is now a major influence in Australia’s mainstream media anti-china narratives. I hope journalists everywhere will read your report, without fear or favour (good luck with that).”

“Jaq, if Novak Djokovic had you preparing his lawyers' brief, I’m sure he would have prevailed over the Australian Government! That additional piece of work that you inserted into the report is a masterpiece. A friend of mine, A/Professor [REDACTED], described your report as a ‘scalpel’ in dissecting the lies.”

“G’day Jaq. I am in awe of your strength and your clear-eyed view. Not only is your deconstruction of the ASPI propaganda compelling, I am so pleased to see that you have observed the impact of the propaganda on the lives of the Uyghurs. I guess that the ‘strategic’ community might just call that collateral damage. Keep up your outstanding work, Jaq.”

“Hi Jaq. I am so grateful that you have stepped up to counter the prevailing lies about what is happening in China. The falsehoods are many and you have done an amazing and exhaustive job. More than happy to have made a small contribution for your efforts and I look forward to chipping in further for your work.”

“Jaq James's independent, thought-provoking and original analysis constitutes some of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge detail and must-read work you will ever see on the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, giving a long awaited and credible forensic insight into one of Canberra's most dangerously influential organizations.”

“Hi Jaq, thank you so much for putting this report together confirming everything I already suspected but have been unable to convince anyone of for the last year. Since our ABC have consistently pushed our current government's anti-China narrative, it would be very interesting to see if the ‘7.30 Report’ would present your findings and what angle they would take! I cannot explain in words how incredibly thankful I am that you have produced this report. It is very important that an Australian has produced this report and I hope there are many other rational evidenced-based people in Australia who understand it is in our national interest to not only get on with China but embrace their achievements.”

“I just read the report by Jaq James and must say that the rigour she put into her analysis is just remarkable. Any law firm, research organisation or media organisation would greatly benefit from her services.”

“The truth has a special way of revealing itself through Jaq James by her marvelous investigative effort. She not only debunked the ASPI report, but I’m sure will liberate the Uyghurs in the future from US and Western sanctions. Love you JJ for your integrity and excellent work.”

“Long been wanting to do something to support fair play. ASPI (and the various bodies and media in cahoots) needs to be held accountable for its shoddy, false and very harmful report. Keep up the good work Jaq. It is a thankless and difficult job to run against the mainstream Western narrative - losing friends, and it can be daunting and lonely work. But the truth will set us free.”

“Thank you very much for your professional report! This report was a pleasant surprise for Chinese people like me. While reading it, I have found that it's such a good way to learn to think critically.”

“I’m from the US. Thank you for your valuable work. The anti-China rhetoric is very pervasive in the US and is getting very dangerous. I will be actively working to get more donations for you to expose these lies and slander. Please seek justice for the innocent Uyghur people that have lost their jobs because of these malicious lies. We need the world to know that these fabrications are purely political to demonize and dehumanize China. The US will stop at nothing to maintain hegemony even if it means starting world war 3. The world needs to stand up and say no to war!”

“Thank you for exposing the anti-Chinese propaganda. I'm a Chinese-Australian, born and bred, and I am so shocked, disheartened, disgusted, and feel so betrayed at the smearing of China. I've ended a long-time family relationship because of it. I'm so saddened by what Australia is doing. I'm studying overseas, and I currently don't envision ever continuing my life in Australia.”

“Hi Jaq. Congratulations on your paper. A comprehensive demolition of the ASPI report. I’ve flicked it on to prospective independents. It’s a must read for all Australian politicians. Was super impressed with your methodology and am going to use it as a model for my own future analyses.”

“The working paper on the ASPI allegations was so thorough and clear. You are doing the world a great service by confronting these allegations and their ‘evidence’ from a law perspective.”

“Well done Jaq. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) have ignored the fact that they were contributing to violations of the human rights of an ethnic minority group. As Jaq quite rightly points out in her damming report, the degree of incorrect assumptions and misinformation is staggering. Clearly ASPI set off with a pre-set agenda and made any information fit that need.”

“Don't sell yourself short - you have changed the minds of people like myself across oceans and with very different political and personal backgrounds. You have brought critical thinking to bear on the issue beyond what anyone else had to my knowledge. Criticism will come. It will probably be intensified as the Australia, UK and US intensify their enmity with China. You should know however that, measured for intellectual honesty, critical thinking and just human decency, you are leagues ahead of ASPI.”

“Initially I thought I’d read your report for about 20 minutes, go have dinner, and then read the rest later. I didn’t expect to be sitting there for two hours straight reading all the way to the end. Who would have thought that a legal analysis could be so interesting! I’ve learnt so much from reading your work, particularly the part about hearsay evidence. If only I could have been a fly on the wall in the ASPI office when you first published this.”

“Thank you for what you have done. If I'd had the time and ability, I would have done the same. I'm from the UK, but lived in China for 12 years. I used to believe the narrative in the BBC, Guardian, etc. regarding the horrific extent of the abuse of Uighurs in Xinjiang. Then, almost by accident, I started to look at some of the evidence behind the claims. I'm a Chinese-to-English translator so I was able to read the source material. I found exactly the same shameless cherry picking, misleading translations and lack of contextualisation in various different articles and documents you haven't mentioned in your first report. I also studied the ASPI satellite imagery of supposed concentration camps, and found that the number of possibly suspicious sites was far fewer than the number claimed. All I can say is these revelations shook me to the core.”

“Jaq, your in-depth work and commitment to expose the reality and seek the truth is absolutely brilliant, correct and refreshing to see. Reminds me of the young people and their commitment and hope that existed in the 1960's-1970's when the Vietnam war was in full force. … It is so good to feel a step back into that era - I want my young children to challenge and follow that mindset - question, analyse and argue. Always look beyond the headlines - find the truth. Good for you - please stick to your commitment.”

“A brilliant professionally written report that's a pleasure to read, decimating Human Rights Watch & Amnesty International’s astonishingly dishonest and/or amateur Xinjiang investigation which led to real consequences for the livelihoods of ordinary people, much to the pleasure of US foreign policymakers.”

“Well done on the work you are doing to provide well-researched info on matters relating to China. I have just donated (anonymously) $100 to your cause. The world's problems can only be solved, ultimately, by creating a world which protects and provides a win-win position for all nation states. But that is not happening now, with nation-state tribalism and the vast array of vested interests behind that. Huge change is needed ASAP. May I suggest: take all possible steps to protect yourself. Vested interests care not for 'best outcomes for mankind’, but self-interest. To varying extents, they will discredit, damage or destroy anyone in their path. Look no further than Witness K and Bernard Collaery, or the treatment of Julian Assange. Best of luck.”